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From the second you contact us, we want you to feel that you are comfortable in speaking to us. We appreciate that you may have contemplated seeking legal advice for a while. We want to ensure that when you contact us, we are able to put you at ease and address any anxieties you may have about speaking to a solicitor or indeed whether you should be seeking legal advice.

We will listen to you. We will ask you to explain what has happened to you or a loved one. We will explain to you whether we believe we can help and how we will do this. You are of course then free to speak to another solicitor or seek a second opinion. But hopefully, you will be reassured from the outset that you would like us to be on your side with your claim.

We feel that the key to a successful working relationship is that we talk to you regularly about your claim. We want to make sure that you are always aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. We want to manage your expectations and make sure that you know every step of the way how likely it is that your claim will reach a settlement. If we do not believe your claim has good prospects of success, we will tell you as soon as possible.

We will ensure that we run through everything with you, from applying for funding, to instructing the most appropriate expert to involving the most suitable barrister for your case.

We know that there will be times where you will find the litigation process to be frustrating and perhaps overwhelming. If so, we want you to tell us. Hopefully we will be able to reassure you. The message we always we want to give is that “We are your legal team so please let us take the pressure off your shoulders.”

We have a track record of achieving the best results by being thorough and determined. We hope your claim will be successful and if so, we will ensure that we obtain the maximum compensation possible to ensure that you are looked after for the rest of your life.  We are pleased to have many happy client who feel that we have both understood them and gone the extra mile to get the very best results.

At the end of your claim, our hope is that we will have played a small part in obtaining an outcome you are happy with.   

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Emily's story

Having a previous caesarean scar can sometimes cause complications in future pregnancies unless they are managed very carefully. Emily's mother didn't receive the advice about the risks presented by her scar and proceeded with trying for a natural delivery, which led to a tragic outcome for her little girl.

Mr Bennett - A Life Torn Apart By The Wrong Medical Advice

We all like to think we can trust our doctors to know what they are talking about. Even more so when they are giving you specialist advice about the risks of radiosurgery to your brain. Not all of us though think to make a note of what the doctor has just told us.

Ryan's Story

Ryan has cerebral palsy as a result of birth complication 21 years ago. His family had been previously advised by their original solicitor that they would not win a claim, and had even cancelled legal aid funding.

Amy's story

Amy was born by ventouse after a failed forceps delivery. Unfortunately, she was suffering from a lack of oxygen all the while the doctor tried to deliver her by forceps, which caused her to suffer a brain injury.