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It’s not just about winning cases.  It’s about working with you to get the best outcome to your claim.  We want to work with you from the outset to understand your needs.  We are here to support you and fight your corner.

We are specialists in brain injury claims.  A lot of our clients have suffered brain injuries at birth as a result of poor management of their mother's pregnancy and labour, or poor medical care in the early neonatal period. Some of our clients have suffered due to negligent medical care later on in life, or during road traffic accidents or other traumas. We act for clients of all ages across England and Wales.

Our aim is to be a support to our clients and their families and get the best possible result that will transform their lives.  We want you to feel comfortable in turning to us to help with your daily battles.  Because of this, we don’t just limit our work to pursing a medical negligence or personal injury claim because we recognise that there is more to living with a brain injury than just pursuing a claim. 

We are specialists in brain injury claims, but also everything that comes with it.  This may be providing you with advice on how you are able to find a place for your child at the school that you feel best meets their needs or advising you on the state benefits or local authority support you might be entitled to.  We also advise on Court of Protection matters or Personal Injury Trusts for many of our clients ensuring that any damages awarded are protected and used in the clients’ best interests. We also provide a professional Deputy service for those that have received a compensation award and need a Deputy to manage their financial affairs.

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Emily's story

Having a previous caesarean scar can sometimes cause complications in future pregnancies unless they are managed very carefully. Emily's mother didn't receive the advice about the risks presented by her scar and proceeded with trying for a natural delivery, which led to a tragic outcome for her little girl.

Mr Bennett - A Life Torn Apart By The Wrong Medical Advice

We all like to think we can trust our doctors to know what they are talking about. Even more so when they are giving you specialist advice about the risks of radiosurgery to your brain. Not all of us though think to make a note of what the doctor has just told us.

Ryan's Story

Ryan has cerebral palsy as a result of birth complication 21 years ago. His family had been previously advised by their original solicitor that they would not win a claim, and had even cancelled legal aid funding.

Amy's story

Amy was born by ventouse after a failed forceps delivery. Unfortunately, she was suffering from a lack of oxygen all the while the doctor tried to deliver her by forceps, which caused her to suffer a brain injury.