Amy's story

Amy has asymmetric spastic quadriplegia, a form of cerebral palsy. It was caused by a period of oxygen starvation at her birth, which resulted in a devastating brain injury. 

During Amy’s birth, the CTG used to monitor her heart rate, started to show deep decelerations, indicating that she was in distress.  At the same time, a midwife had wrongly recorded that her mother’s cervix was fully dilated, which led the doctor to encourage her to start pushing.  

When there was very little progress, a fetal blood sample was taken from Amy’s scalp, which showed that her blood was very close to becoming hypoxic, meaning that her oxygen supply was depleting.  Despite this, the doctor commenced Syntocinon, a drug used to encourage maternal contractions, to help speed up the labour.  When this had no effect, the doctor attempted to deliver JR using forceps, which failed as the position of JR’s head had been wrongly identified.  After attempting to rotate the head manually, the doctors used a ventouse cup to deliver Amy.  

Amy was born in very poor condition, being white and floppy and not breathing.  She required resuscitation and intubation and was admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit. 

Because of Amy’s brain injury, she is unable to walk or stand unaided and relies on a wheelchair for most of her mobility.  She has significant impairment of fine motor control in her hands, and also suffers from severe anxiety and sleep problems as a result of her brain injury.  Despite her disabilities, Amy is a bright little girl who is able to communicate well with others. 

The Hospital trust initially denied any wrongdoing but Knights persisted and the hospital finally admitted that they were responsible for Amy’s injuries due to a delay in her delivery, without the need to go to a full Court hearing.  By way of compensation, Amy received £4.375 million as lump sum and an annual payment for the rest of her life, increasing a various key stages to a maximum of £140,000. 

The award of damages is overseen by the Court of Protection and provides Amy with the care, equipment, therapies and accommodation she will need for the rest of her life.  Amy gets particular pleasure and therapeutic benefit from hydrotherapy and since receiving her compensation award we have helped her to build a hydrotherapy pool at her home, where she enjoys the freedom of movement and fun out of her wheelchair that she deserves.

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